How To Order

Dear customer,
Find a simplified and comprehensive guide on how to order below;

Step 1
Click on the product you want to order. Fill in the quantity you want to order and add to the shopping cart

Please note that the minimum order quantity is STRICTLY considered and so any order less than the specified minimum order will NOT be processed. The only exceptions are for client’s desiring to mix and match their order, in which case, they will be expected to kindly send their desired mixed order for processing.

Step 2
After completing step 1 above, your chosen item will be added to your cart. At the top left hand of the webpage, you’ll see an icon representing your shopping basket, click on it to view your chosen item(s). If you want to remove/delete any of the items you have chosen, simply click on the “X” on the left of the item’s name. However, If you are satisfied with the item(s) you have chosen, click “proceed to checkout” to continue.

Step 3
After step 2 above you will be expected to fill in your billing details. Proceed to fill in your billing details, ensuring that the information you fill are accurate. This is the precise address where your order will be delivered and it could be a house address, office address or pox box as the case may be. Fill in your delivery address and click continue

Nevertheless, if you have any particular preferences or any other peculiarity which may need special attention, simply inform us via the text box titled “Additional information” and click “place order”. Your order has now been submitted.

Step 4
After step 3 above, you will then be required to confirm your order with a simple –   “ORDER CONFIRMED”              

Step 5

                Finally, payment details shall be given to you to make payment, while your order is being processed.


We take pride knowing that our customers can rely on us. We work diligently to ensure our inventory systems are managed effectively, meaning that our products are consistently in stock and available for order. Our track record on quality control is equally strong, not a single product recall in our company history.

As a gentle reminder, there is a minimum quantity order for each and every product at LEGIT MARIJUANA SUPPLIERS. This minimum order is STRICTLY applicable. So to avoid wasting your time and ours, we plead with you to adhere to the minimum order for each product especially as any order less than the minimum order WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. The only exceptions are mixed orders ( i.e orders containing more than one product). All mixed orders must sum up to a minimum of $300 worth.